What’s in a Frame?

What’s in a Frame?

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Help finding the folding bike for you in our purpose built range

At Dahon we boast the greatest range of folding bikes there is. We’ve been doing it for 30 years now and like to think we know a thing or two about putting together the perfect folder for every personality. This article takes a look at the frames we offer and why we do.

Low Step

Also called step-through or low entry, this style is as old as the bicycle itself. Often thought of as a ladies frame, being skirt friendly, it’s of great benefit to those with limited mobility or the need to mount and dismount frequently, for deliveries for example. The very first Hon Convertible could be called low step and our Glide, Ciao and Briza have been purpose built as step-throughs for the modern day. New for 2013 we now even offer the sportiest of the bunch in the Visc P18.

Steel Frame

Steel may not have the same weight advantages as aluminum but not only does it enable us to bring you some great price-point bikes, it holds its own in strength, durability, softer riding feel and even allows for neater welds. If you’re a steel lover, have a look at our Boardwalk, Speed P8 and Vybe C7S.

Full Size

Not all folding bikes are compact commuters. With a full sized bike that folds you can get your leisure and fitness hit without having to put racks on your car. The Jack and the Espresso bring folding and Flat Pak convenience to big wheels.

Road Bikes

We obviously love bikes and always love to keep a few high end, high performance road bikes in the range. This year some of the highlights are the disc brakes we brought to our Dash and the very special edition Anniversary Bike with carbon parts.

16 Inchers

Small wheels suit folders for their compact nature. For 2013 we present two 16″ models whose neat footprint needs little explanation: the Curve and our super-fast-folding Jifo.
Urban Utility

The core of our range and the most versatile to boot. Dr Hon invented his folding bike to work seamlessly with public transport. Our urban bikes don’t have to be exclusively confined to the city but that is where they shine. Most commonly made with high quality aluminum frames for lightness and stiffness, these frames include the ever popular Vitesse and the style icon, the Mu.