The Sky’s the Limit

The Sky’s the Limit

Ultralight aircraft pilot shows us how it’s done

Our new European center of operations, DAHON Europe GmbH recently helped out a customer with a fairly routine part replacement. In reply he turned out to be a real DAHON Explorer, sent through these great pictures and told us all about the ultralight aircraft club he participates in, the Burgebrach Ultraleicht-Flugsportgruppe.

The pilot explained that his ultralight trike is “the cheapest way to fly in six different classes. We have almost everything in our little club in Burgebrach from “backpack engine” style to an over 120kg Machine, and high-tech three-axle with travel speed up to 300 km/h, right up to lightweight (= UL) helicopters.” Adding a folding bike into the mix means “you are not limited to just flying “around the steeple” to look at the immediate area, but also (as I did) can go from Bavaria to Denmark, France, Italy and be flying and on the road for weeks at time.”

We’re used to seeing our folding bikes on trains, planes, automobiles and boats but this one is pretty special. With room for a bike on even the smallest of aircraft, the horizon is all yours. I wonder if he could fit a folding kayak on there and follow in this traveler’s footsteps? You can read more about the light aircraft club here.