The Evolution of Jifold

The Evolution of Jifold

  Ultra-fast vertical folding

In 2012 DAHON brought the small and charming Jifo to market. As the name suggests, it was the first to feature Jifold technology that allows the bike to fold vertically as opposed to the more common horizontal approach. Folding this way allows not only for a tiny folded footprint, but a super fast fold to boot. Watch the Jifo in action here.

Vertical folding is not without its challenges of course, which is why you see so few models out there. Just some of the obstacles we worked around included offsetting of the wheels when folding so that they can sit side by side, finding suitably small and narrow tires that can also take the appropriate air pressure, along with narrow hubs too. We also created the Jifo gear system – designed specifically for small-wheeled bikes, it features a customized 9 tooth sprocket and small chain wheel to deliver a smooth and comfortable gear ratio. Made from alloy aluminum, the system is exceptionally strong and delivers the perfect chain tension for small-wheeled bikes.

Hot on the heels of the Jifo came our award winning EEZZ. This bike features a sleeker, hyrdroformed frame and flush frame latch. See it fold here. Not quite a small and light as the Jifo, but with the addition of a 3-speed Shimano compact rear derailleur, and a custom twist shifter with indicator, the EEZZ D3 is all about urban versatility.

The latest in our line-up of vertical folders is the Qix. You can see how to fold and unfold it here. This bike takes the design advantages of two 16” bikes, the Jifo and the EEZ, and applies them to a 20” bike, creating a ride with a larger seating position and range. Vertical folding technology allows the Qix to roll directly into a folded position with the minimum of effort and time. A rear carrier with in-built guide wheel allows it to roll easily along when folded. Finally an 8-speed SRAM drive train and micro dual pivot caliper brakes get you where you need to go quickly and safely.

Each of these bikes represents a different take on the super-convenient vertical fold. Whether it’s aesthetics, wheel size, gearing, weight, folded size or just instinct, there’s something for everyone.