Secrets to Spreading Good Cycling Karma

Secrets to Spreading Good Cycling Karma

How to boost your cycling karma one little step at a time

Much like random acts of kindness, being a conscientious cyclist can have a knock on effect that may in turn boost dahon folding bike sunset with wheatthe reputation of cycling, and can encourage more people to get in the saddle – which is good for so many reasons we can’t even begin to discuss right here. Chances are, if you are reading this, you already know full well that life is better by bike. You’re already doing a good thing by using pedal power, but here are just a couple more ways to build your cycling karma and help the world to achieve bicycle nirvana.

Cycle with your kids (or nieces and nephews, or cousins, or your friends kids), start early, show the next generation how easy it is. They will have a good grounding in cycling proficiency, but better yet will always associate bicycles with good times and happy memories.

Don’t jump lights, ride on the sidewalk or ride across pedestrian only crossings. That’s enough to cancel out a lifetime of good cycling karma!

Step up and organize a group ride or club in your area. Cycling is a great way to meet people with common interests, and having a social group to ride with can encourage more time in the saddle.

If you own a business, install some bicycle parking or storage. It’s not just nice, cycling is good for business!

Stop for fellow cyclists in need, extra points for carrying common kit. Help someone in a crisis and they will never forget it, and it may empower them to help others down the line.

Tweet: Choose to bike, even when it’s hard and you don’t feel like it. You’ll thank yourself on the day, and for years to come.

Say hello, exchange a smile with your fellow bikers. Being on a bike keeps you more connected to the world and the people around you.

Show some love to your local, independent bike store. Our dedicated DAHON dealers are invaluable. Shopping online is so easy but don’t be swayed by those cheap deals. Good service is almost priceless, and so is supporting your local economy.

So maybe it’s not such a big secret; think of ways to make the world a little more friendly and act on them. All that positivity will have a ripple effect and then we’re just that little bit closer to cycling utopia.