NuWave Technology

A NuWave in Bicycle Storage

DAHON announces breakthrough folding technology that can be applied to a vast selection of bicycle types, and wheel sizes.

Introducing DAHON’s AI Bike Sharing System


Shared bicycles have in recent years made a splash globally. While providing convenience for many urban commuters, challenges remain in system management as well as costs. Being a pioneer of green mobility, DAHON has worked relentlessly for solutions. Now, a total solution has been found.


DAHON AI Bike Sharing System benefits:

1) Smooth transportation, tidier streets

2) Enterprises turn losses into profits

3) Convenience for citizens


Click here to download our economic comparison of the 3 different shared bicycle systems and see how our innovative system measures up.


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We are taking enquiries from city planners, bicycle wholesalers and distributors now, or negotiating licencing terms.
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Get a sneak peek at the specs for different NuWave configurations – 14″, 20″ and Electric mid-motor 16″. Click here to download NuWave specs !

DAHON NuWave Flyer
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DAHON’s NuWave was launched at an exclusive event in 2018. Read what the press had to say in Bike EuropeBike Biz, and Cycling Industry News.