Longstanding DAHON Distributor and DAHON Club Visit

Longstanding DAHON Distributor and DAHON Club Visit

Folding bike dealers and enthusiasts drop in on our offices and factory in Shenzhen, China

Last month one of DAHON’s top distributors in China organized a group of 45 DAHON dealers and fans to tour the offices and factory of the world leader in folding bikes.

The Chinese market for folding bikes is growing at a phenomenal rate and shows no signs of slowing down. With over 400 DAHON brand stores in the country, DAHON bikes are considered more of a middle class leisure accessory rather than a commuting tool. With public transit infrastructure rapidly expanding, China’s high speed trains and metro systems are some of the best in the world. Combine this with a folding bike and you have the means to plan amazing tours and cover vast areas by going multi-modal. Far more pleasant than having to go by some of the more choked up city highways.

There are hundreds of DAHON Clubs in China, organizing tours and social events. It was one of these groups that joined the Guangzhou distributors and dealers to drop in on DAHON’s manufacturing facilities in the SongAn district of Shenzhen. The Guangzhou distributor this year toasted a 15 year partnership with DAHON and two of the club members happened to be celebrating their birthday that day. DAHON laid on a cake and a gift of branded sunglasses for the duo. After the tour and lunch, the group went on to ride around SongShan lake. Check out footage from the day below: