Folding Bikes the Smart Choice

Folding Bikes the Smart Choice

Thanks to this Dahon owner for his generous feedback!

“Not sure if you remember me. I met you while I was fetching my Dahon Speed D7 from a bike rack and told you the story of why I bought it.

I am a League of American Bicyclists Certified Bicycle Instructor in NJ who teaches bicycle safety lessons to adults and children across the State. As such I end up doing a lot driving. Being an environmentalist, it is important to me to drive a fuel efficient car so I purchased a Smart Car. Unfortunately after I purchased the car I found out that that the only bike rack that fits it is the one they sell from the dealership which cost hundreds of dollars. So for the next few weeks I had to borrow my girlfriend’s car to transport my bike to my classes as I contemplated purchasing this rack.

One afternoon visiting a local bike shop, noticed the Dahon folded up on the sales floor. After looking at it for a while it dawned on me that I might be able to fit it in the back of the Smart. I asked the salesperson if I could see if it fits, pulled up the back window and lo-and-behold it fit perfectly! I realized that for almost the same price Smart is charging for just a rack, I could purchase a whole new bike and be able to take it anywhere. I then asked to take a test spin then quickly decided to purchase it.

Since then i have been teaching all of my classes with my Dahon. I simply fold it up and throw it in the back of the car then keep it stable it with some bungee cords. It actually works out better for my learn to ride classes because I can fold the pedals up and push my bike along with my students!

Thanks so much for the opportunity and thanks for selling a great product.”