Folding Bike Face Off at the IG Nocturne

Folding Bike Face Off at the IG Nocturne

Dahon offers a brand new Vybe to the folding bike race winner

dahon 2013 vybe folding bike

It’s Nocturne time again! That time of year when Smithfield Markets in London are taken over by crits, penny farthing races and of course, the ultimate folding bike race. Last year saw a fine performance by Jeroen Janssen on our special edition 30th Anniversary bike, comfortably taking first place. In fact, the winning rider in four out of the last five years of races has pedaled to glory on a Dahon folding bike, and this year we hope to see a Dahon on the podium once again. The day itself is packed full of cycling excitement, with our favorite obviously being the Le Mans style start, frenzied unfolding and office attire of the folding bike race. The race is open to any and all non-professional riders and there is even a prize for the best dressed.

As if the bragging rights and heady status of being the fastest thing in Britain on a foldie weren’t enough, Dahon and our UK distributor Raleigh, are offering a brand new Vybe C7A to the winner if they are pre-registered with us and rode a Dahon in the race. So what are you waiting for?! Grab your Dahon, register on our website if you haven’t already, register to enter the race (you’ve got until Wednesday May 29th and entry costs £20) and get yourself to the IG London Nocturne on Saturday June 8th!