Five Reasons to Fold

Five Reasons to Fold

dahon jifo folding bike at shenzhen bay

The case for folding bikes

Granted this may seem mildly self-promotional, but we believe in our product! Dahon’s founder Dr. David Hon wanted to make the world a greener place back in the 70s, and he decided folding a bike was the practical way to do it. Here are just a few reasons why:
1. Become Multi-Modal

This literally means ‘more than one way’. Having a bike that folds opens up the opportunity to use more than one mode of transportation in a single journey. You could even go hitch-biking. Many train companies, buses and so on do not allow full sized bikes on board, but with a Dahon you have no such worries. Just remember to double check with your local operator, as some require that folding bikes are used with a carry bag.

2. Be Theft-Proof

Ok not entirely, but it’s a lot harder to steal a bike when someone folds it up and takes in indoors with them. If your bike is under your desk at work, or tucked under a cafe table, that feeling of uneasiness leaving your bike locked up someplace can become a thing of the past. Thwart thieves with a folder!

3. Go Further

Being multi-modal means that your range increases by miles. Not only can you go further, but it becomes much easier to get to public transit stations in the first place (without having to fork out expensive station parking fees). A two-mile walk can seem a pain sometimes, but when you can hop on your bike, it makes planning a greener commute a whole lot easier. Plus it turns out that a bike will get you there faster than a car anyway.

4. Make Friends and Influence People

People who ride folding bikes often report a certain phenomenon; their bike turns heads. Other owners will be interested in the ride and the specs, some people will have just never seen a folding bike before and are curious about how it works. Not every outing will turn into a social experience, but if you are in the mood you will find plenty of folder friendlies out there. Many cities also have folder clubs and group rides you can join.

5. Unfold Freedom

All of this convenience and money saving cycling not only benefits your health, but means one less car on the road and less pollutants in the atmosphere. The beauty of it is that whether you cycle to get fit, save money, get outdoors, help combat pollution, for convenience or for good-old-fashioned fun, you get all the rest of these things in one bumper, beneficial package. If you have hesitated from trying out bicycle commuting in the past for any of the above reasons, a folding bike could be your ticket to all the joys of cycling.