Featured Dealer: Cycle Republic

Featured Dealer: Cycle Republic

This week we wanted to put the spotlight on one of our UK dealers, Cycle Republic. With 19 stores across the UK they are committed to being a one-stop-shop for the urban cyclist. We heard from Lawrence at Cycle Republic to find out more about their stores, what they think of folding bikes and what the future holds for them:

Cycle Republic Staff

Hey everyone! I’m Lawrence and I have worked for Cycle Republic for around a year and a half.

Cycle Republic was founded in December 2014 and now consists of 19 shops across the UK and a website too!

We are the destination for urban cyclist. We believe that no other shop comes close for choice of product or value for money. We know what the cyclist wants because we’re cyclists ourselves!

In each of our branches we’ve hand-picked teams who are nuts about riding. We are there to fix whatever wear and tear the city inflicts. Our stores are also right here, on the city streets.


We’ve been proud stockists of DAHON bikes since our launch in 2014 and we are super excited about the new Curl i3, of which more later!

There are so many reasons why folding bikes are great in the city (and elsewhere for that matter!) but here are our favourites.

Wherever you go, take your DAHON!

Your house, the train, the office, the pub, your folding bike can go everywhere with you! Most folding bikes are compact enough to go virtually unnoticed when stored.

Low maintenance

OK, we admit it, sometimes bike maintenance can be a bit of a chore (that’s what our workshops are here for!) but many folding bikes come with super-low maintenance setups. Features such as hub gears, belt drives and single front chainrings all mean that you can ride for longer without ever having to think about putting an allen key in your mitts!

Stay away bike thieves!

It’s obviously annoying that this remains a consideration when purchasing a bike, but deciding where and how you are going to store your pride and joy when you’re not riding it is certainly very important. Folding bikes have the added benefit that they can be folded quickly and easily and kept with you in situations when locking your bike just isn’t possible!

The new Curl i3

Late in December we were stoked to receive our first stock of the new Curl i3. Here’s Steve from our Battersea shop demonstrating just how quickly you can fold it! Don’t miss his celebration at the end too!


What’s on the horizon?

We’re determined to demonstrate the benefits of bicycles, not just as transport solutions to and from work but as part of people’s everyday lifestyles. Trips to the shops, visiting friends or exploring further afield at the weekend, bikes can and should help you do all of those!

Also, whisper it quietly, we might have some more new shops coming soon too!