Exclusive DAHON Premium Store Opens in Tokyo

Exclusive DAHON Premium Store Opens in Tokyo

Yodobashi Camera opens first of its kind flagship store for DAHON folding bikes

Monday February 1, Tokyo, Japan – Friday January 29th saw the opening of Japan’s very first DAHON concept store. Opening just in time for weekend shoppers, the store stocks exclusively folding bikes from the world leading brand DAHON, along with apparel and accessories to complement the line.

The store was launched by major bicycle dealer Yodobashi Camera and is located at the 6th floor of the multimedia Akiba store, in the central Chiyoda-Ku district of Tokyo.

Consultant to DAHON for the Japanese market Tadihiro Kodama noted that “DAHON began selling in Japan more than thirty years ago, since the founding of the company itself. In the history of the brand, this is the first exclusive store carrying only DAHON folding bikes in Japan.”

Already selling successfully in the country since the 1980s, in 2014 DAHON added two further major sales channels in the form of Chain Bicycle Dealers (CBDs). CBDs are classed as those which have more than 10 stores under their names, to which DAHON bikes are distributed by Takeda and Sinanen, who have a combined dealer network well over 2,000 stores. Independent Bicycle Dealers (IBDs) are exclusively distributed by long time DAHON partner Akibo, across more than 600 stores.

The folding bikes are so popular there that DAHON distributors usually collaborate to make an exclusive Japanese line of bikes, with even a distinction between IBD and CBD products, each reflecting the character and tastes of the sales channels. Yodobashi Camera, who opened the DAHON Premium Store, is one of the larger CBDs supplied via Takeda and has been selling the brand for many years. The shop displays the full range of 2016 CBD models, totaling 34 bikes and including a line of DAHON parts, accessories and clothing.

Mr Kodama has been a valued consultant to DAHON for the lucrative Japanese market since April 2014, and in recognition of his success in expanding the brand’s presence there, he has recently been promoted to the DAHON board of directors. Pictured is DAHON founder and CEO Dr. David Hon congratulating Mr Kodama on his appointment and welcoming him aboard.

For information about the store:



1-1, Kandahanaokacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0028, Japan

The nearest station

JR Yamanote Line, Akihabara Station

Store hours

AM9:30 – PM10:00



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