El Trome

el trome march of the naked cyclists

El Trome

March of the Naked Cyclists

Hundreds of cyclists wearing colorful underwear and costumes, with some entirely naked, rode 10km yesterday at Arequipa Avenue to advocate for more security for people who use bikes for transport in the city.

“We are naked to show people that we do not feel secure in the street, and we have just our body to protect us against cars”, said Nilton Lopez Franco, Executive Director of Cicloaxion, one of the group whose organized this Eighth Edition of the Naked Ride. Just a few participants went completely naked, but an old man rode in nothing but a hat. The majority of people used masks as such as Batman, V for Vendetta and others, or colorful underwear. Families and children participated.

Naked Cyclists in Trome 10.3.13

(Pictured: Main – Octavio and Nilton of Cicloaxion, Batman – Luis Carlos, all riding Dahon folding bikes)