DAHON’s Global Distributor Conference Takes Place In China

DAHON’s Global Distributor Conference Takes Place In China

DAHON Group Photo with DAHON Team and Global Distributors

DAHON has just wrapped up its first-ever DAHON Global Distributor Conference, which brought together distributors, dealers and partners from all corners of the globe including the America’s, Europe and Asia.

Having previously held two separate conferences for the International and Chinese and distributor network, this year saw DAHON bring the two together. Guests witnessed an exclusive look at new products and folding bike technology, as well as hearing insights from the whole DAHON team. Taking place in the coastal city of Zhuhai in the South of China, the company’s largest distributor conference yet hosted 47 Chinese partners, as well as customers from nearly 30 other countries travelling to China.

DAHON previewed its latest range of folding bikes for 2019, and guests had the opportunity to learn about, and try out, all-new designs and features on the presentation and test riding days.

The conference began on January 20, with guests checking in the day before. On the morning of the 20, DAHON CEO and founder Dr David Hon delivered his opening speech about his 35 years in the bicycle business. The anniversary year was particularly marked by the launch of a brand-new DAHON model – the Curl i3 on Kickstarter, followed by the limited edition Curl i8.

Throughout the conference, guests took in several talks on a variety of subjects including sales, marketing, product, and a presentation from DAHON Vice President Tadihiro Kodama on omnichannel marketing. The event also included a roundtable session, which allowed distributors to have more in-depth conversations about the topics covered, and also served as a knowledge-sharing experience.

Dr David Hon explained that: “The main theme of the conference this year was omnichannel marketing, which we believe to be absolutely essential to adapt to and take advantage of. Meeting this way is really a perfect opportunity for us to introduce this goal to our network, and to learn from those who are doing a great job in their markets following omnichannel methodology.

“Not only for us but for more hesitant partners to benefit from the experience of those who have gone before them and be encouraged by their success stories. This is not something that will happen overnight. But the world is ever-changing, and we are committed to taking this journey together.”

The conference concluded on January 21 with an evening of entertainment, where distributors took home bikes and other rewards for their contribution to DAHON’s 2017 performance.