DAHON at Beijing International Bicycle Exhibition

DAHON at Beijing International Bicycle Exhibition


DAHON recently wrapped up attendance at the Beijing International Bicycle Exhibition, a trade show event that attracts everyone from large bike brands to small parts manufacturers. Held between July 30th and August 1st at the China National Convention Center and covering 20,000 square meters of floor space, the Beijing International Bicycle & Spare Parts Exhibition is held simultaneously with the Beijing International Outdoor Cycling Equipment Exhibition.

DAHON’s offerings included new tech such as the Smart P8 folding bike (keep an eye out for upcoming news for more info) and the Deltec safety cable accessory, an add on compatible with multiple folding bikes that increases frame rigidity to offer added peace of mind. Features are listed below:


1. Highlights:DAHON Safeline Diagram

  1. Completes a triangle, increasing safety standards and adding protection for the welding around the mid-hinge from cracking, where stress concentration is most serve.

  1. Exceeds strength testing by more than 10 times, and has a 10 year+ lifespan

  2. Deltec forms a downtube to take on more of the strain and tension in the frame beams, making frame breakage almost impossible

  3. Weight:An additional 100 grams only

  4. Does not interfere with folding/unfolding

  5. Conceals rear brake and rear derailleur cable, simply and beautifully

  1. Low price, high quality and high safety standards.

  1. A DAHON exclusive, being the first to invent and manufacture.

2. Serviceable range: Folding bicycle frames with single beams

3. Target Market:For increasing the single beams’ strength in all such bicycle frames, particularly for safety conscious people.

4. After-sales Policy: With proper use, can increase DAHON bike warranty period from 5 years to 10 years

5. Product Illustration

DAHON Safeline Diagram