Dahon Strides Ahead

Dahon Strides Ahead

Leader in folding bikes announces enhancements to product, marketing, manufacturing and distribution

david-hon-with-dahon-jifo-folding-bicycle-at-eurobike-2011Duarte, California. August 29, 2011 – Dahon, the world leader in folding bikes, comes to Eurobike with a strong sense of direction and purpose. New folding technologies, a completely revamped marketing strategy and exciting changes in the company’s organizational structure are all part of the package the folding bike pioneer will bring to Friedrichshafen.

“Our company was founded on the philosophy of re-writing the rules, starting with our original lead the company. “We are, by nature, relentless innovators and dedicated business partners.”

On the product front, the striking Jifo 16 bicycle marks a new chapter in Dahon’s product range. Applying a revolutionary longitudinal frame latch, the Jifo folds in about seven seconds into an ultra-compact package ideal for people that desire a chic folder. Specifically designed for riders looking for a light and convenient mode of transport for their daily “last mile”, it is ready to go in a heartbeat, anytime and anywhere.

A second new product invention, the Flat Pack technology, features full-size wheel bikes with a proprietary quick-release pedal and a radical handlebar design in order to allow for quick transformation into a flat and compact shape. Applicable even to standard bikes, Flat Pack technology adds a whole new dimension to the folding mechanism for bicycles and ensures most efficient storage with reduced footprint.

All in all, Dahon will be offering a range of 34 bicycle models globally, including the all new Mu N360, the result of a combined project with Nuvinci, featuring a continuously variable transmission.

New Marketing Approach

On the marketing front, Dahon will introduce a completely revamped approach, distinctively targeting both BtoB and BtoC with a campaign that emphasizes a new visual identity in order to more clearly communicate Dahon’s brand positioning.

The consumer campaign, themed “Express Your Personality”, will feature eye-catching personalities and highlight Dahon’s broad product range that allows individuals to express themselves through their bikes. The campaign emphasizes the brand’s competitive advantage in an emotional way and within the overall context of the brand message.

The BtoB campaign, featuring a more functional approach and focusing on the newest product and technology, will communicate to the bicycle industry while explaining brand positioning and its future direction in the market.

All of this comes just weeks after launching a new manufacturing partnership with state-of-the-art new bicycle factory Maxcom in Bulgaria, and the addition of several high-profile distribution partners in Germany and the UK to significantly strengthen Dahon’s commitment and positioning in the European market.

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