DAHON Reveals Newest Additions to 2014 Product Line

DAHON Reveals Newest Additions to 2014 Product Line

2014 dahon mu rohloff folding bicycle

Duarte, California, August 29, 2013 – DAHON, the world leader in folding bicycles, brings several new high-performance models and urban wonders to Eurobike 2013.

At the forefront of DAHON’s 2014 product line is the new Mu Rohloff. This Hi-Performance model is designed to please even the most discerning traveler and is capable of long distance treks and athletic jaunts, while still having the small folding convenience of a DAHON. The sporty folding bike houses a Rohloff 14-speed internal hub, is equipped with reliable 451 mm wheels and is built atop DAHON’s popular lightweight Mu frame.

Under the Urban category, DAHON brings the Jifo and the EEZZ, two 16″ city speedsters. The first of its kind, the Jifo utilizes innovative folding technology – with the hinges placed at the top of the frame instead of the side – to make folding faster and easier than ever. The nimble 16″ wheels are mated to a sturdy Dalloy aluminum frame, yet weighs a scant 9.4 kg. The steering is handled by a lightweight and responsive Dalloy aluminum fork and the forged Alloy Radius Telescope Handlepost offers height adjustability and confident riding.

The Jifo fits riders up to 183 cm tall and supports riders up to 105 kg. Building upon the innovative Jiffold Vertical Folding Technology, the EEZZ takes it to a new level by incorporating a streamlined hinge at the center of the frame. Designed to tackel urban landscapes, this urban speedster is equipped with DAHON’s 39x9t drivetrain and weighs only 9.4 kg. With the aid of the twin pull rods, folding is almost automatic, just a few flicks and the bike transforms into an easy-to-carry and easy-to-stash ride that is ideal for urban doers everywhere.

Representing the line’s Recreation category is the IOS S9, a 24″ ride with DAHON’s patented Flatpack technology that allows this full-sized bike to fold flat to fit into the thinnest of spaces. The IOS S9 was designed for optimum performance and to exceed the expectations of recreational riders. Featuring 24″ Kojak tires from Schwalbe and mechanical disc brakes, the IOS stops on a dime and seamlessly switches through gears using a DAHON Neos Twist Shifter and derailleur.

Also under the Recreation category is the VYBE C7A, a stylish and affordable, yet solid and reliable, entry level model that represents the “Turn a New Leaf” campaign. This 20″ bike uses Visegrip Technology to easily fold its Dalloy aluminum frame into a compact transportable size. It maintains its minute 11.5 kg weight by using the lightweight aluminum material throughout the bike’s frame and can support riders up to 105 kg with a 33.9 x 580 mm seatpost.