DAHON Presents New Products and Technology at China Cycle 2018

DAHON bike display at China Cycle 2018

DAHON Presents New Products and Technology at China Cycle 2018

Narrow folder and compact E-scooter among new models presented in Shanghai

Shanghai, China. May 11th 2018 – Leading folding bike brand, DAHON, recently wrapped up attendance at China Cycle in Shanghai where they presented their brand-new technology alongside their new 2019 folding bike range.

DAHON bike display at China Cycle

Held between 6th – 9th May, China Cycle is one of the world’s largest bike shows, it takes place in over six exhibit halls and attracts everyone from large bike brands to small parts manufacturers. The 28th instalment of the show kicked off on Sunday 6th May at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai where over 7,500 bike brands from across the world came to display their latest cutting-edge products and designs.

At DAHON’s booth, visitors had the chance to get an exclusive look at their new folding bike range for 2019 which includes a new version of DAHON’s most compact folding bike ever, the CURL i4 and a brand-new model for 2019, the Hemingway which is both adaptable and compactable to meet the needs of the city and the wider world.

A highlight of the show was DAHON’s simulated bike race where competitors jumped on a DAHON folding bike placed on a trainer and pedalled towards the finish line as quick as they could to be in with a chance of winning their very own DAHON folding bike. The winner of the competition was Zhang Xianlong who completed the race in just 1 minute 20 seconds!

During China Cycle’s second day, DAHON held a new tech launch at which Company CEO and founder Dr David Hon presented DAHON’s brand new tech offering and range of new models to the media. Two separate conferences were held for both the Chinese media and for the global media who were able to get up close with DAHON’s new models and test out the new technology for themselves.

DAHON new tech launch at China Cycle

The tech presented at the conference was DAHON’s much anticipated NuWave technology which is featured in a range of new models including the NuWave bike and the DES-1 electric scooter. The new models are unlike any other DAHON models since their frames do not fold. Instead, it is the stem and seatpost that very quickly stow downwards and inwards, along with the handlebars and pedals. The end result is a very narrow package, just 15cm wide, that can be easily pulled or pushed via built in rollers, or tucked behind furniture, and in lockers.

Both the NuWave and DES-1 are ready for mass production, and could hit markets worldwide this year.


Product details:


Classic, strong DAHON triangular configuration, super flat crank technology and DAHON folding pedals. Highly adaptable frame.

  • Can be produced with 14”, 16” or 20” wheels
  • 5 second folding

True flat folding, as narrow as 15cm, great for locker storage, easy pushing and pulling, easy opening and closing, can meet all kinds of rider needs.

NuWave Electric

Classic, strong DAHON triangular configuration, super flat crank technology and DAHON folding pedals, highly adaptable frame. Rear wheel hub drive with battery built in to tube.

  • Wheels: 16”
  • Top speed: 20 km/h
  • Range: 25-30km


DES-1 (DAHON Electric Scooter)

Classic, strong DAHON triangular configuration, highly portable design with rear carrying handle, brushless motor, rear disk brake. A perfect balance of performance and safety, patented, one-step flat folding, fast and easy to store and fold, solving multiple transportation difficulties.

  • Wheels: 10”
  • Range: 40km
  • Top speed: 25km/h
  • Battery: 13Ah

About DAHON:

In 1982, DAHON ignited the folding bicycle revolution with the introduction of the DAHON Convertible, the forefather of most modern-day folding bicycles. Today, DAHON is recognized as a world leader. Spearheaded by the guiding principles of innovation, reinvention and technological leadership, DAHON is committed to creating quality product, a unique riding experience and green mobility solutions for people leading active, environmentally friendly lifestyles. Headquartered in California, DAHON’s offices, factories, cooperating assembly plants and distributing partner network reaches around the world. For more information regarding DAHON’s products, please visit www.es.dahon.com.

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