Dahon Dock-In Station Set to Launch

Dahon Dock-In Station Set to Launch

Brand new folding bike locker scheme

DAHON have recently partnered with Best Lockers to develop a bike-share scheme that will make folding bikes even more convenient as the perfect, urban transportation device. Starting in the USA in July, and soon to be made available for the rest of the world, members of the public will be able to reserve, retrieve and return Dahon folding bicycles from GoPod™ Electronic Lockers located in hotels, on university campuses and from metro and public transportation stations. Using a smartphone, computer or even via special kiosks, renting a folding bike could not be easier.

Our Ken Fagut elaborated – “This program will be a smarter, more efficient and cost effective way to share bicycles. We can put 16 Dahon folding bikes in the same space used to accommodate two standard bikeshare bicycles. The program also gives us the flexibility to customize both lockers and bicycles with matching colors and artwork to compliment a university, a hotel or municipality.”

For roll out, the scheme has been matched with the ideal bike in the Vitesse D7HG. Available with a seven-speed Shimano Nexus internal hub and alloy frame, this high performance and lightweight bike folds in as little as 15 seconds to 11.3” x 31.2” x 25.7”. The lockers can however take a variety of Dahons with up to 20″ wheels.

“Dahon has long established itself as a leading provider of folding bike technology and we’re honored they have selected Best Lockers as their partner,” said Daryle Bobb, president of Best Lockers.  “We look forward to helping Dahon expand their footprint as more bikes will be available through our GoPod Electronic Locker solution which includes an intelligent keypad on every door.  Our comprehensive reporting capabilities will streamline operations while the GoPod kiosk will serve as an additional advertising vehicle.  Ken and the team at Dahon share our passion for innovative technology and enhanced customer service making for a natural partnership.”