DAHON Debuts Host of New Tech at Taipei Cycle Show

DAHON Debuts Host of New Tech at Taipei Cycle Show

World leader in folding bikes premiers new innovations in parts and accessories

Taipei, Taiwan – 2 March 2016: World leader in folding bikes DAHON is showing a number of new innovations in parts and accessories alongside their new 2017 folding bike range. From pedals to handleposts, each optimizes the performance of regular and folding bikes in some unique way.

Eiffel Handlepost – DAHON’s newly invented rectangular handle post is shaped partly quadrate and partly cylindrical. This results in greatly increased strength/intensity, both direly needed for small wheeled folders. Made from alloy 6061 lightweight aluminum and by hydroforming technology, it appeals to everybody. The Rectangular Handlepost offers an improved stiffness that is desirable across all types of bikes, not only the folding variety.

Safeline – Most small-wheeled folders have a single-beam frame, and breakages are frequently reported right next to the hinge, where stress concentration is greatest. Without interfering with folding/ unfolding, the Safeline, made of strong flexible cable/chain, completes a triangle where it matters most. The welding around the mid-hinge is where stress concentration is most severe. This area is provided extra protection from cracks. This simple device turns even a cheap folder into one passing safety standards with flying colors (from 15,000 to 250,000 cycles, against a 100,000 minimum, in one example alone!). It will be offered OEM at cost to other manufacturers – as a public service for the world’s fellow cyclists.

Post-Pump II – The Post-Pump II is an independent, ultra-slim bicycle pump that can be stored inside seatposts of either 31.6mm or 33.9mm diameter. Connect to the seat-post, step on its stabilizer and pump with the speed and ease of a regular pump. It is an economic alternative to the familiar DAHON Post-Pump. Lightweight at only 120g and made of sturdy alloy, the Post-Pump II can reach 110psi quickly and easily. It can be optionally connected with the seatpost to increase pumping efficiency, and features a flip-out pedal to hold the pump steady with one foot. The Post-Pump II is not only innovative and low cost, but allows for discreet pump storage whilst keeping the bicycle frame clean and streamlined.

Curl Folding Pedal – This foldable pedal, while looking familiar, is much stronger and more durable than its antecedents. Featured on the DAHON Curl, it is updated to be larger in usable space but actually folds more prone. When in folded position, the unique pedal tucks up and away to partly envelop the crank, reducing its footprint to 10% smaller than a standard folding pedal. Weighing just 265g and made from aluminum alloy, it operates in tandem with the custom crank. The pedals and crank can be fitted to any bike, folding or non-folding, to achieve real space saving results.

D4D Quickpark Stem – This award winning mouse does a lot more than meets the eye. The D4D (which means DAHON’s 4 Dimensions) stem can adjust the handlebar’s height, reach and axial angle; in addition it can rotate the handlebar 90 degree around a vertical axis to lie prone against the bike. The amount of improved compactness, laterally and vertically, is often overlooked. Part of DAHON’s Flatpak Technology, the D4D stem answers the call of the rider’s changing ergonomic needs for a tailored fit and practical storage, all in one smart action and a beautiful design. This will be featured in more models this year. Made of aluminum alloy and weighing in at 600 grams, handlebar angles and height can be easily adjusted, by way of an ingenious mechanism to optimize riding comfort every time.

D2D Stem – Developed as a natural offshoot from DAHON’s award winning D4D Quickpark stem, the D2D offers streamlined adjustability for optimal handlebar positioning. With use of a high leverage but slim and ergonomic quick release, the D2D allows a rider to adjust handlebar height and rotation without the need for tools. Once the ideal position and angle is chosen, a memory function makes it no trouble to find again. The D2D is forged in 6061 aluminum and at only 490 grams, brings greater reach and riding position flexibility to cyclists. The D2D is featured on the Visc D9.

About DAHON:

In 1982, DAHON ignited the folding bicycle revolution with the introduction of the DAHON Convertible, the forefather of most modern-day folding bicycles. Today, DAHON is recognized as a world leader. Spearheaded by the guiding principles of innovation, reinvention and technological leadership, DAHON is committed to creating quality product, a unique riding experience and green mobility solutions for people leading active, environmentally friendly lifestyles. Headquartered in California, DAHON’s offices, factories, cooperating assembly plants and distributing partner network reaches around the world. For more information regarding DAHON’s products, please visit www.es.dahon.com.