DAHON CEO and Founder Publishes Treatise on Folding Bikes

DAHON CEO and Founder Publishes Treatise on Folding Bikes

Dr. David Hon has composed a treatise on the subject of folding bicycles cover of Dr. Hon's folding bicycle treatise

Shenzhen, China – 8 September 2016: Dr. David T. Hon, CEO of DAHON, the world’s largest manufacturer of folding bikes, has released an E-book. Composed in his spare time and born of his passion for the industry, it focuses largely on the current situation for this category of bicycle, and the various technical considerations that go into the design and manufacturing of folding bikes.

Hon explained: “There has been such an explosion of readily available information over the decades, yet there is little published work on the quite particular nature of the folding bicycle. Having spent a great deal of my life in this field, and indeed progressing it, the obvious next step was to share some of that knowledge for the benefit of others.”

Hon came to the bicycle business relatively late, having already achieved what most would consider a successful career in the field of laser physics. With a senior position at Hughes Labs and a few publications and patents to his name, at age 40 Hon said farewell to lasers and dedicated his life to developing the perfect folding bicycle. More patents followed, along with the necessary investment to launch what would grow to be the globe’s number one folding bike.

The text totals over 10,000 words and presents its topic in 7 chapters, with ‘Technical Discussion’ containing the majority of the content. For bicycle and engineering enthusiasts of all kinds, it represents a comprehensive introduction to the subject.

Folding Bicycles: A Treatise is available to download for free here.

About DAHON:
In 1982, DAHON ignited the folding bicycle revolution with the introduction of the DAHON Convertible, the forefather of most modern-day folding bicycles. Today, DAHON is recognized as a world leader. Spearheaded by the guiding principles of innovation, reinvention and technological leadership, DAHON is committed to creating quality product, a unique riding experience and green mobility solutions for people leading active, environmentally friendly lifestyles. Headquartered in California, DAHON’s offices, factories, cooperating assembly plants and distributing partner network reaches around the world. For more information regarding DAHON’s products, please visit www.es.dahon.com.