DAHON Approaches Eurobike with Strong Sense of Direction and Purpose

Folding bicycle innovators at DAHON are continuing to revolutionize the industry after almost four decades in business. This year’s Eurobike show will see the leading folding bike brand present their latest innovations at the 28th edition of the show. Find DAHON at booth B4-101.

Stand-out Range of Products and Tech on Show at Eurobike 2019

At this year’s show, held between September 4th to 7th at Messe Friedrichshafen, DAHON will showcase their familiar collection of folders, along with a selection of new models which each present their own unique take on compact portability and storability.

DAHON’s electric offering comes in the form of a range of narrow folding NuWave e-bikes and the DAHON e-scooter. Incorporating the innovative NuWave technology, the NuWave e-bikes fold down by a novel in a matter of seconds to a narrow, 16 cm wide package which can be easily pushed/pulled along or tucked away into narrow spaces. The unique tripod structure provides the needed stiff handling. Most significantly, it may be the 1st pedelec e-scooter on the EU market.

On show for the first time at Eurobike will be the GB-2 – the next iteration of DAHON’s gravel bike. A 650b folding gravel bike with concealed Lockjaw hinges on an aluminum frame, the bike also features low gearing, disk brakes and drop bars.

New Programs and Opportunities

Continuing their social commitment to green, urban mobility, DAHON will present their line-up of programs and opportunities available to distributors, manufacturers, city planners and importers at this year’s Eurobike.

Announced earlier this year, the new Technology Sharing Program will see DAHON share its acclaimed IPR’s, allowing licensees to gain exclusive access to market-proven components and technology, previously only used on DAHON’s own products. “From pedals to handleposts, each optimizes the performance of regular and folding bikes in some unique way”, states DAHON CEO, Dr. Hon.

In addition to the Technology Sharing Program, DAHON will also be presenting their Co-branding Licensing Program. As part of the program, qualified partners will be able to use the co-brand “DAHON XX” or “DAHON by XX” (XX being a brand of the licensee’s) on a variety of products including e-bikes, children’s bikes and more. Licensees can expect to make use of DAHON’s extensive technical and marketing expertise which has been grown over 35+ years.

Rounding off DAHON’s range of new programs is the Smart Bike Sharing System. Developed as a solution to the many issues still faced by bike sharing systems around the world, the DAHON Smart Bike Sharing System is a fully automatic system that is easily accessible by users. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence, the systems handle charging, fees, repair information and offers optimal re-deployment of units during peak hours. The system is convenient, safe, and cost-effective.

Exclusive Offers at Eurobike 2019

To show their commitment to the European market, DAHON will be offering special prices for any visitors placing orders on DAHON products during the show. Visit DAHON at booth B4-101 to find out more about this special Eurobike offer.

If you are interested in making an appointment with DAHON at Eurobike to find out more about DAHON’s programs, opportunities or products and technology, please email marketing@dahon.com with your preferred meeting time.