Clean Look, Clean Fold

Clean Look, Clean Fold

internal cable routing dahon frame   internal cable routing dahon hinge

Internal cable routing for 2014 DAHONs

If you’ve browsed our manuals section, under the Support tab, you may have noticed the 2014 catalog is available there for your downloading and perusal. We hope you see something you like!

One new feature for 2014 that we’re really excited about is the introduction of internal cables. On about half of the models you’ll find the brake and gear cables neatly routed through the frame, making for a super clean look and less chance of wear and tear. This nifty setup is available on the 2014 Mu EX, P27, P8 and SL, as well as the EEZZ, Vector P20, Vigor P9, Jetstream P8 and Ios S9.