A Bucket of Thank You, Hope and Love

A Bucket of Thank You, Hope and Love

Taurus Aquarium with his prize a Dahon Vitesse folding bike   dahon speed tr kitted out for touring

Taurus Aquarium with his prize a Dahon Vitesse folding bikeAn unexpected story from one of our Dahon photography competition winners

After announcing the latest batch of our 30 Years of Me and My Dahon photography competition winners, we received a touching email that put a smile on the face of everyone here at Dahon. Our Asia category winner’s son, Hendra Gandhi wrote as follows:

“Dear Dahon,

I am a son of Taurus Aquarium (Tjhung Gan Eng Kian/Yen Yung Chien), and want to say thank you very much. My father is very happy to go cycling, now even touring with his Dahon and his friends, additionally he won the prize from your photo competition. If it’s okay, I want to share this story with you.

My father was a very heavy smoker and already had an operation to insert 3 rings for the blood vessels of his heart (he had a heart attack). Following the surgery, he was still smoking. I had no hope to stop him. Until one day, my father wanted a Dahon, when he asked me “can we go to Rodalink? I just want to see the bicycle”, I said “oh okay…”. After looking and going for a test ride, then I knew from his face my dad wanted that Dahon Speed TR very much. So I told him “lets go buy it, but promise us to stop smoking and get healthy”. He agreed with it. He’s very happy and even now he still keeps his promise. Rather than smoking, he goes cycling.

My family and I want to say thank you, because Dahon changed my father’s life into a healthy one. We’re so happy.

Thank you very much Dahon.”

We want to sincerely thank Hendra and his dad for sending in their story and allowing us to share it with you. If you have any Dahon tales of your own, we would love to hear from you via contact@dahon.com.