5 Answers to Anti-Cycling Arguments

5 Answers to Anti-Cycling Arguments

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Five rebuttals to common reasons people dismiss cycling in favor of the more fossil-fueled lifestyle:

1. One person cycling won’t make a difference to the environment.

It can feel that way in so many aspects of life. Ok, so maybe you manage to ditch a couple car journeys a week but really you feel like it won’t make a huge difference to the world. It never seems like much when you throw something in the garbage either, until you think about the huge, horrifying landfill site. The truth is, every little thing adds up. And never forget that one person can influence many – just one charismatic person can influence millions. Even if you don’t shout about it, someone may see you out and about on your bike and think “today’s the day I start cycling”.

2. I don’t have time.

In fairness, some people have a very long commute. We’re not suggesting a bike can beat a car over those kind of distances. But this is where a folding bike shines, being perfect for the average trip as well as the short hop from home to public transport. You can beat the rush hour traffic, take advantage of more direct routes and take a folder on almost every mode of transport where a full-size bike can’t go. And pedal power can even get rid of the need to schedule in gym visits. So you may find you have some more free time on your hands, and hopefully that your commute becomes quality time.

3. I don’t have room.

One big reason for the invention of folding bikes is their size advantage. They can fit in that cupboard under the stairs, or that gap next to your desk, with the added bonus of being less likely to be stolen whilst safely tucked away indoors.

4. It’s too dirty.

This really depends on your individual circumstances. This blogger used to cycle through 3 miles of fields to get to work and get a bit spattered in the process. But I had at least five other route options, that one just happened to be the most scenic. My solution was to throw my work pants in a small backpack. If you don’t push like crazy the whole way, or have the world’s steepest street on your commute, you should be able to make it without being a sweaty mess. Of course, there’s always rain, or those people that really do have a tough route and no other choice. Luckily the world of bike gear is a giant candy box of solutions for keeping dry and stashing a change of clothes.

5. I don’t need a bike.

If you are even just a little interested in saving money, the outdoors, cutting back on pollution, keeping fit, appreciating the world from a different perspective, commuting convenience, new social opportunities, mental benefits, competitive events, modern technology, family activities, a shifting global attitude and – not to mention – fun, then you need a folding bike!